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I made a huge leap in taking the risk of joining Reload Visual Advertising (RVA). First of all my first internship was at The Manila Times, the longest running newspaper in the Philippines, in which I really did practice journalism. I wrote news articles, some of my works got published but in advertising it is far more different than writing news articles. I never really got to know (first hand) the other faces of communication. That is why for my second internship, I took the chance, I chose an advertising company in order for me to experience the world of advertising and pursue my objectives. First, I want to know what advertising has to offer to a communication student and how is it different in writing and being a news journalist. Secondly, I want to know how advertising works in terms of everyday work experience, I heard lots of things about advertising and the perks it offers. Lastly, I want to know if it will be a good second option if ever I will not pursue my path in becoming a news writer or will it be a much better field to work on. 

Reload Visual Advertising made me experience how advertising works and to my surprise I was not disappointed. Everyone welcomed me with arms wide open; they accommodated my lack of experience and help me learn more about everything that there is to know in what they do. On my first day, I met my immediate supervisor Mr. Arnold Gayatao, the General Manager of RVA, and he told me he wants someone that has the willingness and drive to learn and have the time and effort to do so; in short no late appearances. At first he gave the impression of a strict supervisor but when I got to explain that I also have a part time job and have school responsibilities, he understand and said that it’s fine that if ever I will be late as long as I will be able to inform him ahead of time. 

While I work at RVA I was stationed as an assistant of Mr Arnold Gayatao. On my first one week or so I had my own desk, I was taking phone calls and writing down notes and also had the chance to go along in business meetings. There was this day when we had a huge deal in a short amount of time it was for an event of Cardinal Santos Medical Center. It was a very stressful week for all of us and it was my third day as an assistant proofreader (advertising has to beat deadlines also). It was finished before the deadline and the whole team made a small get together (kudos for a job well done) and I had so much fun with my fellow interns and supervisors and up until my last day I was never bored, there are so many I learned and I know that I can carry this knowledge and experience with me. 

I got my answers to my questions and I’m happy that I made the leap in choosing a different kind of communication. Advertising truly is another side of communication. Reload Visual Advertising made me understand and realized that in whichever field you are in as long as you have the drive to do it everything is possible. And to answer my last objective I want to know if it will be a good second option if ever I will not pursue my path in becoming a news writer or will it be a much better field to work on” advertising and being a news writer has the same effect on me. They are both hard work but have the element of fulfillment and enjoyment.
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